Purple Filter Instagram In Spark AR | Best Steps

I show you how to create purple Filter Instagram in Spark AR within a few seconds.

Create Purple Filter Instagram

First, we start with the filter in Photoshop so we create the purple or pink valley filter in Photoshop but I show you just right now this is the setting where we put our let into later this is Avenue to alert right now and I created a color lot for the background and also I created retouching so we see how it works on retouching and so on.

I used the image of myself as a screenshot of this from this camera with the plant so we can use this image to recreate the green and purple and also make sure that my skin is not too purple.

Start With Photoshop

Let’s start with Photoshop and this is our nut later.

What we want to use and we start with a verse Green Park or Green Valley called just belly and go select the Selective color go to green add this one and yellow and want to make sure that my skin tones okay.

Same do this for purple and green. I want to make sure that the clipping is not too much just look at this one and go to red this one right here and select the yellow and you see it’s right now it’s a little bit clipping don’t I would want to overdo it but well it’s like you put up all the greens and all the yellow so the clipping will be seen a little bit color clipping you know.

Now we will see they’re clipping a little bit okay that’s just one to make sure it’s a little bit more pinkish just like that.

I just want to create a PNG of it this is the purple at 512 512 this is the size of the other lot and this is an, of course, a PNG and of course the largest size.

Add material to texture

Let’s add the materials to our textures. I show you what happens when we use a very small nut image or not PNG and you see it’s kind of interesting of course.

But this is what happens when you really use the wrong size so please make sure that the size is 512 and maybe more about the most Lots I found neutral lots are 512 so make sure your lot Bobby is in the highest possible quality and you see it’s way better.

You can also make sure that the manual compression is of no compression and there is small filtering samples but why I don’t know why so small a sampling filtering and go to none so it’s maybe better too because higher clipping well you see it’s a little bit oily and that’s why because I think there’s we have no green in our filter.

Purple Filter Instagram

But the purple filter Instagram looks pretty. Now our purple filter Instagram is ready and you can use purple filter Instagram after testing.

Now, you see our purple filter Instagram is looking so beautiful. You can make Purple Filter Instagram within a few minutes. Just you need a patch that we’re used in this filter.

How you can create this. You can watch videos on Youtube.

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